• Owns a Suite of Quantitative Intellectual Property that facilitates its RISK Management efforts
  • Employs a proprietary 10-factor Market Risk Analysis Model (MRAM) to analyze and manage 'external to market' (Monetary and Macroeconomic) Investment Risk
  • Uses a proprietary 15-factor Stock Selection and Portfolio Management Matrix (MX) to manage 'internal to market' (Stock, Industry Group, Economic Sector, Market Segment, and Style Bias) risks
  • Employs these unique technologies to identify, quantify, measure, and manage both 'external to market' risks, as well 'internal to market' risks, to enhance the potential for consistent positive returns for our risk averse 'clients'
  • Uses MATRIX technology to do Portfolio Construction RISK Management
  • Uses MATRIX technology to do Portfolio Deconstruction and RISK Evaluation
  • Employs its intellectual property to assist ERISA consultants in evaluating portfolio attributes and investment risks for their tax-exempt clients

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